sábado, 18 de julho de 2009

What can we do to improve the world?

Few days ago, a sentence written in a paper on the wall of a corridor of the university where I teach, led me to think about many things and led me to write this short essay for inclusion in my blog. Said more or less like this: "We are very concerned about the world we leave to our children, but, are we concerned for the children we leave this world?" The first part of this phrase refers to the environment because, in a fair, we kept leaving for our children in good conditions. Such care is essential for all the things that means for the future of not only our children but also of the entire human race on our planet.

I'm an educator with twenty years of experience dealing with youth, I noticed significant changes in the last 30 years, since I was a university student. For example, it is clear that the role of women within the classroom moved a lot: they are no more dependent on men, are more disciplined, more responsible, and for all that, more intelligent. Furthermore, both men and women are extremely alienated and immediate: just study what we are interested in their profession and only things that can lead them to future employment. So, if these young people do not receive a humanistic education at home, in your family, the university is not transmitting it, because it has lost over the years.

The question that immediately jumps to the discussion is this: human beings and nature are different things? Or we belong to the same entity, intimately connected with a strong dependence on us in relation to the environment. Another question that is not expected is that those problems are there with the environment arose because of the nature that we look with eyes only for profit, as if it were a thing of inexhaustible and which we must take advantage as much as we can? And do not say that is the product of capitalism, because countries that until recently practiced communism, their environments are in very poor condition. With this we can conclude that the problem of pollution is a cultural problem of our race, regardless of the political system, purchasing power, color, etc.

One thing the previous paragraphs lead us to conclude: there is an urgent necessity to mobilize society to education becomes a major topic in the collective. Only by educating young people can change the tragic fate that awaits us if we don´t change the actual course of the events. Young people need to have a solid scientific and technical education, becoming good doctors, good engineers, good attorneys, good scientists, etc. But that was not enough to ensure a better future to human kind: it is imperative that these graduated people are honest, respectful, solidarity, ethical, correct, etc. Only in this way, and after several generations, we can change this harmful trend, that conduces us to nature disrespect, increasing violence, endemic corruption, savage capitalism that destroys innocent lives, unconscious and irresponsible governments and so on.

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